Java 17: Upgrading the Foundation

One of our top priorities in our second revival milestone is upgrading the Java base version used by Gradle for building the Terasology engine. This upgrade isn't just about keeping up with the latest tech trends; it's about ensuring that Terasology is built on a solid and up-to-date foundation.

Help Wanted!

To help us with this, we’re looking for contributors that know how to find and follow migration guides and are capable to understand a complex code base to implement the changes required for the migration.

Launcher & Java 21

We'll also be working on upgrading the bundled JREs for the Terasology Launcher and planning ahead, preparing for upgrading to Java 21 which will be released later this month to make sure that every aspect of Terasology is running on the latest stable Java version, enabling us to write modern Java code using cutting-edge concepts.


For Java 17 (and 21 plans), come talk to BSA* or DarkWeird on the Terasology Discord (#stabilization). For upgrading the bundled JREs for our launcher, come talk to Skaldarnar (#launcher).