Welcome to Terasology

What is Terasology?

An open source voxel world - imagine the possibilities!

The Terasology project was born from a Minecraft-inspired tech demo in 2011. Over the years it has been a playground for different kinds of technical experiments and proof of concepts. The community strives to make Terasology a stable platform for various types of gameplay settings in a voxel world.

Recent News

Revival Milestone 2 Complete - Elevating Quality, Boosting Performance, Advancing to Java 17!

Completing Terasology Revival Milestone 2 - where quality meets performance, and Java 17 takes the spotlight. We’re cel…

By: Niruandaleth
Posted on: January 14, 2024
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First Revival Milestone Achieved - Terasology’s Journey Continues

Terasology Revival Milestone 1: Success unlocked! We’re celebrating our achievements and planning our path ahead. Explo…

By: Niruandaleth & Skaldarnar
Posted on: September 10, 2023
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Waking up from Hibernation

This is a personal experience report, sharing thoughts and insights into my workflow. It has been some time since our l…

By: Skaldarnar
Posted on: April 22, 2023
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About Us


The project was founded in 2011 by Benjamin "Begla" Glatzel while researching procedural terrain generation and effective rendering techniques. He succeeded in creating a minecraft-like demo engine, the foundation stone for what Terasology is today.

We are always on the lookout for contributors with expertise in rendering, networking and concurrency, as well as in-game physics and AI technology.

If you are interested in game engine development, come check out our Terasology Engine & Module Land.

Modules & Gameplays

From the ground up, Terasology was built to be very modular and support different kinds of gameplay ideas. We still host a large number of modules under the "Terasology" GitHub organization providing basic and advanced gameplay content as well as world generation options and technical libraries.

Combining these modules allows to create very different kinds of gameplay in our voxel worlds. The possibilities are manifold and range from crafting- or trading-oriented survival over capture-the-flag to puzzle-style experiences and tower defenses.

We especially appreciate expertise or interest in UI/UX, world generation or well-thought out gameplay mechanics, but also always have an open ear for crazy ideas for existing or new modules and gameplay content.

If you are interested in gameplay development, come check out our Terasology Engine & Module Land.


The Terasology community is a diverse mix of software developers, designers, game testers, graphic artists, musicians and other open source loving "Gooeys". We value a positive, inclusive and respectful environment without harassment, attacks or inappropriate activities of any form.

We encourage and appreciate contributions from everybody, and try to accept constructive criticism even by newcomers as gracefully and warmly as possible. and welcoming as possible to newcomers.

If you want to talk to us or be the next in our group of Gooeys, come join us on our Terasology Discord.