Welcome to the return of TeraSaturday, a not-so-weekly update post about all the neat stuff that has been going on in the world of Terasology! Half blog, half changelog, completely cool.

📰 Since last TeraSaturday ...

A few weeks have passed since we released Terasology Alpha 17 with a lot of features, bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements. Since then, albeit the stressful pre-christmas time, we did not lay back and rest, but continued to improve Terasology in different ways:

@DarkWeird relieved the main engine system of yet another subsystem - our type handlers now live in their own library, the TypeHandlerLibrary. Meanwhile, @keturn worked on cleaning up a few Intellij idea workspace issues and decluttered our module snapshot versioning and dependency resolution 🔧️.

Our Jenkins setup was modernized by @e_a and @Cervator both of whom did a lot of cleanup work, moving jobs from our legacy Jenkins to the new one, refactoring for more modern tech and so on, so we can finally retire the old one 👴️.

The JOML-ification efforts were continued by @Michael P, @Skaldarnar and @Niruandaleth, including fixing StructureTemplate spawns in MetalRenegades, smaller migrations of engine packages and a detailed API overhaul for BlockRegion. Especially the latter required a lot of discussion, multiple revisions and a lot of nerves for all participants 😅️.

@4D Enthusiast went about and fixed an issue with our atlas regions that resulted (on some graphics setups) in weird texture artifacts as well as a bug that removed the camera on purging a world 🐛️. Additionally, new contributors @lasossette and @asma lightened the AFKSystem a bit and model assets for Gooey and friends are now available in a general Gooey module.

In total, that's 27 engine RPs and 75 PRs on modules since December 6.

🎀️ Community Highlights

On a personal note, we are very happy to celebrate their admission to the Cornell Tech master's programm with @IsaacL 🎉️

Furthermore, we're very glad about @Cervator's secret (but often teasered) project finally being revealed: KubicArk 🦖️ We're also looking forward very much to how this will become closer related to Terasology in the future!

Concluding, the whole Terasology Foundation wishes everybody out there a very healthy, happy and gooey christmas! 🎄️ Enjoy the holidays and look out for announcements on our Discord channel - there could be a suprise event before the end of the year 😉️