And ... first formal news post in a while, although it is starting out pretty small. It'll grow over the next week!

The first project post is still around, and it sure has been an adventure since, and continues to be. Hard to keep on top of all the happenings these days as the project has expanded and more things need to be kept track of. Need more automation :)

For this year I'm proposing a bit of a week-long celebration of sorts, starting slow with some preparations this weekend (in 12ish hours) and building over the week to a big multiplayer event with several concurrently hosted servers running some of our different game play templates for the next entire weekend. Our usual play test is scheduled then, but lately the play tests have been somewhat scattered since we switch the server around, something is usually broken, etc. Time to try something a bit different with a longer warm-up.

I'll be aiming to cover several topics over the week and have some write-ups prepared and others coming. Hoping to do some architectural discussions as well, along with bug fix marathons and an issue/task creating bonanza for Hacktoberfest and Google Code-In. Primary focus for this immediate weekend is on bug fixing and stability improvements on the stuff we'll aim to be playing next weekend, as well as submitting a bunch of good issues on GitHub for Hacktoberfest. I welcome any help in moving forward on all that :)

Ideally at the end of the weekend we'll have some sort of release candidate for Alpha 11 with a limited number of last-minute fixes before formally releasing before next weekend. At the moment I'm unaware of any blockers. I'm dusting off to cover research and pending thing to either fix or move to a proper issue. Maybe we can also do another release for the TerasologyLauncher, and how about some DestSol PRs as well?

I hope to see as many next weekend, and any time from now until then, helping out or just hanging out to be social. Here's to 7 more years and 7 more posts coming :D