Say Hello to Our New Website!

Posted by Scott Moses Sunarto on June 14, 2017

Heya Terasologist!

If you have visited our website before you might notice something different now. Yep, we have a new design!

Our new website is heavily inspired by Google’s Material Design and is inline with the Design Unification Project (Read more)

What's new?
  • Blog

During Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2017, we realized that we need to create a platform to keep track of our progress and announce it to the public. Luckily, that idea came while I’m trying to update the website to use Jekyll as a better way to manage picture (Gallery). So, we now have blog posts that you can see at the front page of this site. Stay tune for our cool posts!

  • Better Gallery

Now you can easily add new pictures to the gallery without writing a single line of HTML!

  • Responsive

Our old website can be a bit hard to use in mobile devices. Worry no more! because our new website now adapts to your screen size to guarantee the best user experience as possible.

We are going to add more features soon, so stay tune for updates! If you find any issue with the new website, feel free to add it to our Bug Tracker